Fort Morgan, AL

It’s always fun to get lost, especially when you have a best friend by your side.

Labor Day weekend took me to Fort Morgan, AL. With a new house on the bay, it was calling my name to take the five hour drive down with one of my best friends.

Greensboro, AL was our first stop on our drive down to the beach. We saw a sign for fresh pies, so we decided to stop at the Pie Lab on Main Street (I highly recommend going). After taking a stroll down Main Street and buying two pies to bring to my family at the beach, we were back on the road to finish our trip.

Fortunately we only got lost once on the way down, due to GPS malfunctions around Mobile.

Once down there we HAD to adventure. We drove all around Fort Morgan/OBA/Gulf Shores area, looking at the houses that lined the ocean, and checking out all the cute shops near my house.

Our first goal was finding local beach access. We found two. One in a neighborhood with a public parking area (we later drove around the neighborhood admiring all the houses). The other one, well we pretended we were visiting friends at a local resort and used their beach access.

Alabama beaches are beautiful, and it is always great when I get a weekend to enjoy them. The water was beautiful this time of year, and we got to

After getting fire ant bites, jelly fish stings, and being rained off the beach, the nachos from Tacky Jack’s restaurant lifted our spirits. The plate was HUGE and we had a lot of leftovers since we both got meals as well, but the nachos were still good reheated later that weekend.

We also ate at Sassy Bass which is a requirement for my family and I every time we go to the beach. It definitely is on our list of top five favorite beach restaurants. The atmosphere is great, they have a breakfast buffet, and they have live music/karaoke on select nights.

While adventuring around the beach we only got turned around once when I started driving into a national park. I later found out that Fort Morgan is located in the park, and it is now a goal of mine to visit it.

It was great getting to spend time with my family and best friend. We had so many laughs, had family friends come visit, and named our little house on the bay, “Sea La Vie.”

On the way home from the beach we didn’t get lost because we learned from our mistake on the way down. It is best to remember the way we came so we don’t make mistakes again, and the only way we can do that is to admit we made a mistake and having others (or best friends who are co-piloting) help us find a way to fix the mistake.


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