Tampa, FL- Gasparilla

An event that people from Tampa, FL wait all year for, and attracts people from near and far to attend. And by far I mean a 9 and a 1/2 hour car ride with a wonderful friend who has celebrated Gasparilla every day since she moved to Tampa.

Gasparilla is a huge event in Tampa that is based off the invasion of pirates back in 1904. There is a parade, a boat race, fair food, and the celebration takes place all day on Bay Shore Drive.

This weekend was my second time attending the event and it was just as fun. The second time around was probably more fun because I knew how to navigate the streets and did not get lost like I did the previous year. We ended up walking about 30 minutes out of our way last time, and it was awful.

People dress up in pirate themed attire, and some people go all out which is awesome to see. Although I didn’t go crazy with the pirate theme, I still enjoyed myself, and acted as a pirate to the best of my ability.

There are people of all ages at the parade, and I went with a huge group of college students, and most of them attended high school together, so it was like a huge reunion for them.

The day is long, but worth it for all the fun you have.

This years weather was much better than the heat of last years. It was a nice temperature for most of the day, although it did get a tad chilly as the night progressed.

If you live in the area and have never attended a Gasparilla celebration, I highly recommend going.

At the end of this weekend looking back, I realized how important it is to get out of your home town after high school graduation. Most people grow up with those they went to high school with from a young age, and it causes them to lose who they really are. Getting out of your hometown gives you the chance to find yourself again, and I encourage everyone to go out and find themselves in any way they can.


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