Nashville, TN

Since coming to the University of Alabama for my college education, I was blessed with so many amazing friends. My sorority brought me to most of these friends, and I am happy to say that they are always down to support my want to travel, and try new things!

This weekend I took on Nashville, with my little and grandlittle (basically the girls I call my “family” that I found in my sorority).

I have always heard how great “Nashvegas” is and I could not wait to get there! We were there for a total of about 24 hours, but knowing it was  quick trip we got as much done as possible (& are already planning another trip back!).

We got to Nashville around 6 pm, and our first stop was Opry Mall, since we had to kill some time before we could check into our hotel.

On the way to our hotel we spotted the Frothy Monkey, parked, and ran in since it was 20 minutes until their closing time (10 pm). We have heard so much about the Frothy Monkey from other bloggers and social media influencers, so it was on the top of our list! In case you don’t know, the Frothy Monkey is a local coffee shop (I know of two locations in Nashville), that also sells little breakfast pastries. Since it was late at night I knew I shouldn’t have had coffee, but I couldn’t stop myself! SO I got the Golden Monkey, and it was fabulous! If you like cinnamon I highly recommend it, and would recommend getting the espresso shot added depending on the time of day.

After our quick stop there, we checked into the hotel, and decided it was necessary to get pizza. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott, and the workers were extremely helpful, and directed us down the street to The Italian Kitchen, where we got a delicious pepperoni pizza.

The next morning we got ready, checked out of the hotel, and headed about 10 minutes away to The Proper Bagel for an amazing brunch! This was definitely the most instagramable restaurant I have ever been to. From the tiled floor, to the dishes and mugs, they have every detail planned out (& I am all about a good detail). I got the spinach everything bagel (toasted) with lox, all the works, and olive cream cheese. Speaking of cream cheese, they had just about every flavor imaginable.

Since we were only in Nashville for a day we really wanted to hit the most popular murals. If you don’t like to do the same old touristy things everyone does, but still like murals, Nasvhille is THE place to go. They have murals on just about every wall, and not all are as popular as the others. We started at The Gulch where artist Kelsey Montague has one of her famous #WhatLiftsYou wings. A great plus about this specific mural is that there is a parking deck right next to it, that gives the first hour of parking free. So if you are like my friends and I and are “doing it for the insta” you can do it for free as well!

After taking a photo shoot with our first mural, we walked around The Gulch area and hit up some of the local boutiques.

Our next destination: “I Believe In Nashville” mural!

This was about another 10 minute drive and parking was much harder. There are many side streets around, but you have to be careful because some of them you have to have a town decal to park on.

After finding parking we found the mural and again started taking tons of photos! We ran into a guy named Brian Alexander while we were there, and he told us that he is at the mural every weekend taking Polaroids for tourists so they can have a souvenir. He is an aspiring singer, so does this to make extra income (asks for cash tips of about $5, and also accepts venmo transfers).

We decided to take a little walk around this area as well and stumbled upon a s’more food truck! S’more Love Bakery was the name and I got a cookie monster s’more, which is just your traditional s’more, but it is sandwiched between two warm cookies! Highly recommend finding this truck if you ever make it to Nashville.

The final stop on our quick Nashville trip was the famous Broadway street. Parking is extremely expensive there, the first parking lot we drove into was $20 per hour, and the second was $30. Since we did not want to spend that much I circled around trying to find open meter spots, but instead found a parking lot that was, wait for it, $5 per hour!!! It was only about an 8 minute walk from Broadway, so I saved that extra money and walked.

We went a souvenir shop called Legends, and a candy shop, and the hustle and bustle of this area was so much fun! But I do have to say it would be more fun to go with a group that is all 21 and over because there are more bars then not in the area.

I can not wait until I have the opportunity to head back to Nashville, and hopefully for a longer period of time. Because when I go back I will know how to navigate the streets since I got lost so many times on this trip.

This trip helped me to realize that even though I don’t know what I want to do with my life, my friends will always support my crazy endeavors, such as last minute 24 hour trips to Nashville, or my idea to start a YouTube Channel (check it out!


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