Baton Rouge, LA

Starting college you can feel extremely lost, having to get used to a new school, a new town, and new people. BUT visiting other colleges once you already attend a college, you will feel even more lost.

I visited Louisiana State University (LSU), this weekend with one of my good friends and WOW, I have never been more confused while driving. I think I was lost more often than not lost while making my way around the town.

This college town is much different from any other one I have visited, mainly due to it being an agricultural school. The school is extremely spread out and one wrong turn will have you in a neighborhood you don’t necessarily want to be in after dark.

Once I got used to the feel of the school, and the town I was in, it ended up being an awesome weekend.

Friday night we ate at a local gem called “The Chimes” and although outside was different than I was used to (probably due to the crowd the local music hall brought), the atmosphere inside was great! This is definitely a fun place to go eat and catch up with your friends, or to watch your favorite sports team.

We started off our dinner with fried pickles (YUM), and I got a turkey burger with some of the best fries I have ever had! Later we went to Zippy’s, a Mexican restaurant, with two of our friends and got huge margaritas that were so good. The restaurant was cool because where you ordered was inside and set up like a chipotle or moes, but to eat you got to sit outside, and it was a beautiful night so we loved it!

Saturday morning we had to be adults and do some work of our sorority, but Saturday afternoon we adventured into downtown Baton Rouge!

This city, although smaller, is so nice. The Mississippi River runs parallel to the city, and has a “river walk” so that you can walk or run or bike along side it. We saw the USS KIDD from afar, but didn’t spend the money to actually board the ship because it was a low budget weekend.

If you are one who enjoys going to a casino, you would like Baton Rouge, because one attraction is a casino on a boat. We originally thought it was a restaurant so were very excited to get to eat on the water, but were disappointed when we found it was a casino/hotel (called the Bella).

After this disappointment we continued on walking around the city finding murals and sculptures, and walking past endless amounts of bars. We came across Capital City Grill and decided it would be perfect to spurge for dinner there.

Four tequila sunrises, two plates of pasta, and one spinach artichoke dip later, we were stuffed and ready for the parade that was about to take place.

And along came a major setback. Due to poorly marked streets my car got ticketed because we were parked along one of the parade roots, so we had to move it, and couldn’t stay for the parade.

Once we left downtown Baton Rouge we headed back to our friends house and hung out there, to have a relaxing night before we started our five hour drive back to Tuscaloosa in the morning.

The weekend was exciting getting to explore a new city, but the reason we were there was to initiate a new chapter into my sorority. And that alone was an awesome experience. I got to meet women who were initiated in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, and hearing their stories and experiences was so eyeopening. These women had been friends for so long, and they could not have made it to where they are today without one another.

I learned this weekend that although we might feel our friendships are lost, it is important to point them back in the right direction, because friends are the ones who help to keep us from getting lost in this crazy world.


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